Yare Valley Labradoodles

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We first discovered labradoodles sixteen years ago, through an internet search and had several months to wait before being able to take our first labradoodle home.  She proved to be everything we had hoped for, with a perfect temperament, as well as being stunningly beautiful!


A few years on and labradoodles are proving to be quite addictive.  The pictures above and on the left are of our adorable multi-generation Australian boy called Waffle, who is the perfect example of an Australian labradoodle.  He stands at 17 inches to the shoulder and has perfect conformation.  He is also the happiest little dog in the world!  His pups not only inherit his gorgeous soft, non-shedding coat but also his wonderful temperament. 

Waffle has extremely good hip and elbow scores, as well as being PRA and vWD clear. 



The pictures below are of our two little girls Pumpkin and Biscuit, who have now both been spayed


The picture above shows Waffle's wonderful soft coat




The pictures on the left are of Waffle and the one on right is of our little girl Peaches


The pictures on the left are of Waffle, our miniature Australian stud dog