Yare Valley Labradoodles

History of the Labradoodle

Labradoodles originated in Australia in the 1970s when a man called Wally Conran was prompted to breed a dog for someone who was visually impaired and suffered from allergies.  By crossing a labrador with a standard poodle the resulting puppies inherited the genes from the poodle which provide the curly non shedding coat with the trainable loving nature of the labrador.  This was the beginning of the labradoodle.


Labradoodles are now widely bred in Australia, America and in the UK.  The aim of breeders is to produce a puppy with either a curly or wavy, low or ideally non shedding coat, as well as a wonderful temperament and good health. 


One of the best results from the breeding of labradoodles, so far as we are concerned, is their wonderful temperament - not to mention being clever, easy to train, affectionate, loyal, intuitive............the list goes on and on!


The temperament of labradoodles is not gender specific, therefore both males and females make excellent family members.