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There are no associations or clubs that can officially govern the labradoodle breed and it is highly unlikely that labradoodles will be recognised by the UK Kennel Club in the foreseeable future.  I do, however, feel it is important that breeders adhere to a set of breeding standards in order to improve the future of labradoodles in the UK.







It is important to recognise no dog can be described as being hypoallergenic.  People's allergies are not necessarily due to the dog's coat and can be triggered by a wide range of allergens.  These can include the saliva, skin, dander and even the dog's urine.  


Dander is airborne and can be inhaled, thereby causing an allergic reaction, ie itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and wheezing.  If you react to the dog's saliva or urine it is unlikely you will ever find a dog you do not have a reaction to.


You may find you are not affected by a labradoodle pup as small puppie, but when the coat changes in adulthood this could then cause a bad allergic reaction.  Obviously this would be tragic for you and also tragic for the puppy you have grown to love as they would have to be rehomed.


It is therefore important for you to meet both parent dogs when considering offering a home to a pup.



Health Testing


All our dogs are fully health tested with excellent results.


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