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Welcome to Yare Valley Labradoodles

Waffle and Biscuit will be having a litter in early 2018

Our love for our labradoodles is so great we decided to create this website to share them with as many people as possible. 


We live in a small Broadland village in South Norfolk, where our dogs are able to take full advantage of long country walks as well as the Norfolk Broads. 


Our first labradoodle was a cream standard labradoodle, called Noo.  As soon as we had Noo we started to look for a companion for her and this is when we came across miniature Australian labradoodles.  Australian labradoodles are labrador x poodle with the addition of other permitted breeds through the generations, including English and American cocker spaniel, water spaniel, curly coated retriever or wheaten terrier.

None of our pups are spayed or neutered before leaving for their new homes.  This practice is only carried out by commercial breeders.  I am not against spaying and neutering, at an appropriate age, but carrying this out before the dogs have reached maturity is not in their best interest.  I also feel it is essential for family pets to be born and raised in a family home, as opposed to commercial kennels.

Our puppies are only sold as family pets, as are the pups from matings with Waffle.  Therefore no puppy shall be used for breeding, without our prior written consent.




Playing in the snow





Waffle, who is now a dad!